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The GEARTACK9 is a unique product in which you wear like a bandolier (a bandolier is an over the shoulder strap, like a messenger bag). There is no product like it on the market today other then a "hands free running belt" or "running leash" which goes around the waist of the user.  Wearing a fixed "running belt or leash" around the waist of the user creates a fixed connection which does not give and allow rotation of the device to help absorb the affect of a pulling dog and potentially causing lower back injury (see safety info for details). The GEARTACK9 gives you the ability to walk your dog "hands free" without any annoying devices impeding your path. Unlike a "fanny pack" a bandolier is a stylish and comfortable way to organize the daily accessories needed to walk your dog. The GEARTACK9 hands free dog walking device is also so unobtrusive it won't create hot points on the body that sweat or chaff like a back pack while walking. While a traditional "back pack" or "fanny pack" can become quite cumbersome, the GEARTACK9 is virtually weightless. The GEARTACK9 is designed for you to use your favorite leash with, no need to buy a new one. Typical "hands free belts" or "hands free leashes" are an all in one package where you are forced to use the systems built in leash, not with the GEARTACK9. Just clip the handle of your favorite leash into the spring snap at the bottom of the device and your on your way! (see How To info for usage instructions). The GEARTACK9's most exciting feature is the waste bag pouch that allows you to carry recyclable grocery bags in order to clean up your dogs' waste. The pouch is designed to work like a "coin purse" which allows you to pull the re-cycled grocery bags from a slot in the bottom of the pouch. Once the waste is bagged and contained it can easily be placed into the top of the pouch and sealed. The pouch can also hold any branded dog waste bags on the market today if recyclable ones are not convenient for you.The waste pouch is located to the rear of the GEARTACK9 bandolier so it is never in your way and stays behind you at all times. No other hands free dog leash, running belt or walking system can do that! Let it become a new EDC "every day carry" device for you to walk your dog hands free while walking, running, hiking, or even camping. This is why the GEARATCK9  is the best hands free dog walking device on the market today. See the GEARTAC VIDEOS page for more details.





  • Security devices, flash lights, pepper spray, sound alarms.
  • Travel, cell phone pouch, wallet, key pouch, passport holder.
  • Hiking, water bottle holder, food and snack holder.
  • Day trips, water bottle holder, cell phone pouch, wallet and key pouch.
  • Dog walking, waste bag holder/receptacle pouch, training controller, treat pouch.

Come up with your own combination of accessory holders or try them all!

Click here for a pdf. of our TAGH1 adjustment guide which is good for all of our bandolier devices including the GEARTAC K9 and GEARTREK.

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