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 GEARTREK is a combination of our TAGH 1 bandolier and the GEARTREK Hydration/Food Storage pouch. This unit is designed as a base model for the hiker in all of us, combining the ability to add all the features of the TAGH 1 with the ability to store food and or liquids. Let it become a new EDC "every day carry" device for you. See the GEARTAC VIDEOS page for more details.

ACCESSORIES SOLD SEPARATELY ( spring-snap, water bottle ).


  • Security devices, flash lights, pepper spray, sound alarms.
  • Travel, cell phone pouch, wallet, key pouch, passport holder.
  • Hiking, water bottle holder, food and snack holder.
  • Day trips, water bottle holder, cell phone pouch, wallet and key pouch.
  • Dog walking, waste bag holder/receptacle pouch, training controller, treat pouch.

Come up with your own combination of accessory holders or try them all!

Click here for a pdf. of our TAGH1 adjustment guide which is good for all of our bandolier devices including the GEARTAC K9 and GEARTREK.